History of the T.S. Golden Bear


The T.S. Golden Bear and cadets passing under the Golden Gate Bridge after leaving Cal Maritime.

From Follow the Voyage, Cruise Has Begun! (2019, May 10)

(1996 - Present)

Ordered on 28 Jun 1985 under MARAD contract (hull #4667) for the Navy, this ship's keel was laid on 29 July 1986, and launched on 04 Sep 1987 at Bethlehem Steel, Sparrows Point, MD. She was delivered to the Navy on 31 March 1989 and placed in service as USNS MAURY (T-AGS-39).

Built for the U.S. Navy as a Hydrographic Survey Vessel to map the deep ocean floor, she was the largest and fastest oceanographic ship ever at the time she was built. Contrary to popular rumors, USNS MAURY did not perform spy missions or "black" operations.

She was placed out of service in Sep 1994 and laid up in Reserve Fleet Suisun Bay. On 01 Oct 1994, she was struck from Navy roles and transferred to MARAD with an agreement signed to transfer her to the California Maritime Academy in the future.

After the conversion of her living spaces, she was transferred to Cal Maritime on 04 May 1996 (her sister ship, USNS TANNER, was transferred to Maine Maritime Academy).

T.S.G.B. is the fourth and largest training ship at California Maritime Academy and the third to carry the name GOLDEN BEAR. She is sometimes nicknamed "Square Bear" because of her unique profile.

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